Let me lead with my unusual circumstance. When you get to my portfolio, you will see most of it is personal work, and my resume will show a long gap since my last time in a design position.
I have spent the last seven years embracing the awesome opportunity to write for film and television. I have three produced features, three seasons of television over two different shows, two sold pilots, and a video game under my belt. While I am still actively creating and involved in this world, I would like to have more experience back where I started.
Before I broke in as a writer, I worked for 15 years as a print designer. Toward the end of that run, I also got into motion graphics and video editing as well. I freelanced doing treatments for commercial directors, ran my own little side-hustle doing video production, and basically picked up any art directing gig that I could.
Since transitioning to being a screenwriter, I have kept up with design trends and software, and make use of them in the form of script covers, pitch treatments, and rip-o-matic videos for my own projects, (and those of close friends.) This is what you’ll see in my portfolio, and also, why I am so anxious to return to the design world-- so that I can continue to grow. I truly love the visual problem solving and creativity with design work, and miss engaging that part of my brain on a regular basis.
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